nurse taking care of her patient

  • Our Mission

    Providing quality home health services that enhance the dignity and quality of life of all patients and their families.

  • Our Vision

    Dominion Cares promotes the happiness and satisfaction of all patients, their families, and our employees who professionally deliver care in a one-on-one setting where friendship, dependability, and trust reign.

  • Our Core Values

    Our core values are Reliability, Honesty, and Trust.

What Our Patients Say About Us

Our Patients say we are honest and do our best all the time to satisfy their needs. They like the fact that they can reach the owners without going through many layers of runaround.

“You make life easy for your patients, because they don’t have to worry so much about the caregivers who come to their homes.”

One patient said, “You are life changers to me”.

Another one said, “I trust you. You always do what you promise and you’re honest to say what you can’t do”.

Another one said, “The reason I prefer your company is, because you allow your staff to drive the patient. Many other companies do not allow this”.